Monday, September 25, 2006

Quick Update

***Warning this post contains nothing other than the story of the Dreamblade tournament I went to on Friday evening, so for those that could care less about that, you should probably just come back tomorrow.***

So my new FLGS does Dreamblade Edge Tournaments every Friday. I had some plans last Friday, but when they fell through at the last minute, I decided to go to the tournament. I managed to convince a friend of mine, who had only played a few games to come as well. So I gave him a slightly modified Chessbeater, and I took a band my friend Wil designed which he calls, "The Worker's and Peasant's Red Army" or WPRA for short.

It was weird playing a really competative game with real pieces, mostly, in person, I play pseudo-sealed games with co-workers and family members, all my hyper competative stuff is on-line. So I don't think I was really playing my best. In fact as I think back, in my second game my opponent was up 4-3 when time was called, but I quickly finished my turn and won the round, tieing it up and then winning the next round to win the match. Not sure if that was legal or not, though at rule enforcement level 1... Still I have to thank my opponent for letting me tie it up, since it was pretty clear that unless the game was called right then that I would win.

It was somewhat funny when I signed in and the store owner looked up my DCI number. Since I'm the only one from Utah to play at GenCon I had 500+ points, and was the top player in Utah, #2 had all of 46. Apparently they were all wondering how I got some many points since they had never seen me at any of the tournaments.

In any case to cut to the part most people are interested in. I did win the tournament. Of course there were only 7 people and three games, so that's not really saying much. But I did get the one promo mini I was missing, and a booster, so over all not a bad evening.

Th-th-th-th-that's all folks!


Anonymous ed said...

What's this ranking system (DCI)? Is that only for Dreamblade or any other WoTC products?

3:57 PM  
Blogger Ross said...

Back in the early days of Magic WotC got the idea to create a league, they called it "Duelist Convocation International", or DCI for short. At some point they realized how pretentious "Duelist Convocation International" sounded and now it's just the DCI and it suppossedly doesn't stand for anything.

These days the DCI covers Magic, Dreamblade and about 9 other games, from Star Wars Minis to the MLB trading card game. And actually this is one of the things I don't mention often enough. Wizards vast tournament experience has really helped out with Dreamblade.

4:03 PM  

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