Friday, September 29, 2006

Sporadic Whining

I know that my posts have been somewhat sporadic recently. Partly I haven't had much to write about, but also I've been pretty busy too. Things have started to calm down a little bit so I'm hoping things will get more regular. So I don't think I mentioned that I filed an insurance claim on the bike. Going in to the story, it's important to remember (as I mentioned in a previous post) there is currently no none Madone Trek with all Ultegra components.

So I called the Claims Adjuster, and I started talking about the bikes, and she wanted to know where I was getting my info, so I pointed her to And we started looking at prices. Things were going pretty well. I wasn't trying to get the Madone, just trying to explain the difference between component groups, and things seemed to be progressing when she decided it would be a good idea to call Gutherie's the bike store where I got my bike. Initially this didn't seem like a bad idea...

So we call the bike store and we start talking and he says well if you're trying to replace a 2300 so I would recommend a 2100 so I say, "Well yeah but that doesn't have full ultegra." And he brushes it off like it's the difference between a red bike and a blue bike. So that's what the insurance adjuster settled on. I'm a little angry. I don't think I'm going to replace the bike (if and when I do) at Guthrie's. I mean I just don't understand that at all, and perhaps I'm not being objective, but if the insurance calls up a store and says we have a customer, his bike was stolen, how much would it cost to replace it today? There's a huge probablity he would replace it with you. So wouldn't you want to get him as much money as possible, rather than treating it like any old bike, even a lower model would do? Instead he treated my protestations that 105 and ultegra were not the same like I didn't know what I was talking about...

Spring will bring the reckoning


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I have found that if you can get 50-60% of what something is worth you are doing pretty good with an insurance agent. I mean they are basically only about ripping you off. They take as much money as they can from you in hopes of never doing a payout. If they do a payout they give you half of what its worth and if you use them more than once they increase yours rates so you can't afford them or they drop you. Its sort of like taxes only taxes you have no option, they take your money, rip you off and give you about 10% payout with services they give you.

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