Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back from Park City

I don't recall if I mentioned this or not, and I'm far too lazy to pull up my previous entries to check, but I took the last couple of days off (actually I weaseled some comp time) and went up to Park City with the in-laws and stayed at a condo. My primary goal while I was up there was to read, obviously I still had to eat and sleep and help out with the kids, but whatever free time I had was spent reading. In the end between when I arrived on Monday evening and when I departed this morning I had read 1000 pages. Not too bad, but on the whole a little disappointing, particularly since that only put me 1/3 of the way through the 2nd book in the four book series I had selected for the trip.

At this point it should go without saying that there were some problems while I was gone. One of the problems blew up into a huge inferno of angry e-mails and bitter recriminations. I was caught in the crossfire, and even fired a bullet or two, but the real artillery came from one of the managers in IT and someone in marketing. Before the smoke finally cleared I had spent 30 minutes in a meeting with my boss and his boss in a somewhat vain attempt to figure out what the hell had happened and how to keep it from happening again. I was never in any trouble, but the whole thing was profoundly... unsatisfying. One of those experience which makes one wonder if the job is still worth it. It was in the midst of this weekness that my brother-in-law asked me what it would take to lure me to his company, I wonder if he could see the blood in the water?

Wounded and treading water


Anonymous Anonymous said...

but the whole thing was profoundly... unsatisfying.

That sums the usual outcome of corporate nonsense quite well. I wonder what it is about the human socio-dynamic that goes haywire over a certain mass.

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