Thursday, October 12, 2006

Out of control

You ever get in those situations where you feel like you're horribly busy, but that you're not getting anything done? Like you're driving 100 mph to nowhere? That's kind of how the last few days have felt. It seems unlikely to improve anytime soon, since I've decided to go to an Edge Tournament tonight, tomorrow night and then the 1k on Saturday. I suppose that in a certain sense doing all this preperation before hand will make a poor showing on Saturday even more disappointing, but I think that in general the affect has been to make me more calm about everything. Not that I should let something like this ruffle my calm in the first place. I guess the one thing I have to be careful about is that I don't end up wearing myself out, particularly since there's a cold going around the family.

I'm still reading Eldest, the 2nd book in the Inheritance trilogy, it's not as good as Eragon, but it's not as bad as people have said either. It is a lot longer so that's part of the slowness. I think the reason some people have complained is that the action is pretty slow and much of the book is taken up with exposition of a sort. But since this exposition goes a long way towards revealing the nature of the world and since I'm always interested in that sort of stuff it's not as bad as it might have been.

Oh, and I almost forgot one last thing I was going to say. So another plane hit another high-rise. And that high-rise caught on fire and didn't collapse. So I'm just waiting for some conspiracy theorist to use this as further proof of the controlled demolition theory of 9/11 and completely ignore the fact that it was a little dinky 4-seater with it's own parachute.

On a road to nowhere


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe you're right and some people will see the effects of this recent plane crash as proof that the Trade Center catastrophe could not have happened as has been believed. However, I am just waiting for a new group to be initiated that says the people who made "Loose Change" are actually terrorists trying to undermine the unity of most American citizens created by the attacks and also undermine the government by painting this picture of deceiving and corrupt politicians willing to destroy many lives just to promote an agenda of war against Iraq.

And in a lighter note, good luck with all your Dreamblade tournaments and preparations. I look forward to hearing how things go.

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