Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Christmas Morning

Okay I'm not quite as giddy as a kid on Christmas Morning, but I am looking forward to picking up my first new computer game in quite some time, and my first new computer RPG in even longer. I could wish that the timing were better, of course it's never great there's always something else I should be doing if I were to truly be mature and responsible.

I went to bed at 9 pm last night. One could say that it was preperation for staying up late tonight, but that would be incorrect, though the thought did occur to me, it was because I felt like crap. I feel quite a bit better today, so I'm not sure what was wrong yesterday. It's possible that I flirted with my son's illness, it's possible that I was just really tired, there's also the possibility that donating platelets yesterday had some part in it. I'm not sure, but with all the stuff I want to do (to say nothing of the stuff I need to do but what to procrastinate) it'd really be nice if I was firing on all cylinders.

Halloween passed as it generally does. We got more tricker-treaters than I expected, but it's still seems to be a dying tradition. When we took the kids out to grandma's at 6:15, our kids were the first kids they had seen. I felt like an elder member of a vanishing aboriginal tribe, "The old ways are dying, and my children no longer remember the heavy weight of the pillow sack, nor have they learned the way to the house where entire cans of soda-pop are given away, or to avoid the house of the dentist. Once this land was full of the bright-eyed young-ones with cherry-bombs and water balloons... But now I alone remember the ancient chant and the old hunting grounds, high in the hills where the rich people live."

The Last of the Tricker-Treaters


Anonymous john said...

We saw a fair amount of kids out in the neighborhood although my oldest didn't want to join them. As one of those that remembers running from house to house, 15 lb pillow case in hand, I was pretty disappointed in him ... then again he is only 3 ... oh well. Maybe next year.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous ed said...

It's almost not done at all around here, mostly because the freak factor is so high.

*sigh* Where there as many freaks around when we were kids?

11:44 PM  

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