Friday, April 13, 2007

Fred's Theory of Homeostasis

Occasionally despite my pessimism and general bleakness I'm forced to admit that things are going pretty well. This is one of those times, mark it on your calender, call your friends and remember where you were when it happened so you can tell your grandkids. And this even comes despite the fact that I've been sick the last couple of days (with a condition not suitable for discussion among polite company). Of course that does give you a clue as to one of the factors in my good mood, Fred's Theory of Homeostasis (sorry that's an inside joke between my wife and I).

I know that my own definition of homeostatis is somewhat like my definition of salubrious, in the ballpark but not exactly playing the same game. Homeostatis eventually refers to the propensity of a system to maintain an equilibrium despite influences which may seem to push it one way or the other. I use it more as a short hand to refer to the idea that your mood is based more on the distance travelled then objective factors. So if just yesterday I was spending most of the day in the bathroom, in no small amount of distress, then it doesn't take much for today to seem much improved.

This isn't the only reason I'm happy but the others are somewhat homeostatic as well. For a long time I haven't given my yard a lot of love, and it has in the past look pretty bedraggled, but last year I had a nice parking strip put in, and last Saturday I pruned the Hell out of the bushes in front, I moved it and fertilized it, plus it's spring so everything is still pretty green. So my yard went from being a continual thorn in my side to being something that doesn't look half bad. There are other examples of this (like home teaching) but I'm out of time, so I guess I'll just have to wish you all a great weekend (I'm getting with the guys to play The Order of the Stick Adventure Game on Saturday, so I'm pretty stoked).

It's not where you are but how you got there


Blogger aozora said...

"...I'm getting with the guys to play The Order of the Stick Adventure Game on Saturday..."

Color me green with envy

6:35 PM  
Anonymous hallamigo said...

Fred has too many theories for me to even keep a tab on, let alone base my bowel conditions on.

10:37 PM  

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