Thursday, August 07, 2008


Well it's been long enough after the tour that any positives should have hit the news, so hopefully we've heard it all. Of course the Olympic Road Race is on Saturday, so we could get a whole new round of positives, though I certainly hope not (though that's where Tyler Hamilton's troubles started). Highlighting once again, the difficulty of all this testing I just read an article on VeloNews about a new article in the journal Nature which calls into question the statistical validity of the doping tests.

He offers no opinion on the guilt or innocence of Floyd Landis, but does mention the tests he failed as examples of tests that are flawed. I've always felt that something didn't smell quite right about Landis' positive. I'm not saying I'm convinced of his innocence I'm saying I'd be more comfortable with how things went down if I was a lot more convinced of his guilt. As I've said before, how about just testing the B sample at a different lab than where you test the A sample? Is that really too much to ask? Plus I've never heard a credible explanation for how testosterone taken the day of his miraculous breakaway would have helped him. And of course I'd like one of the greatest attacks in the history of the Tour to not be completely overshadowed by drugs.



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