Friday, February 29, 2008

Birthday Gifts

I went to lunch with my best bud from my old job (and a couple of other friends). This was the first time I'd seen him since my birthday so he gave me my gifts. He was very generous. He gave me a gel ant farm (with ants). A box of mana potions (which contain 6,667% of your daily recommended dose of B12, and might violate certain of my religious tenants.) And that's not all!!! He also gave me a key chain that acts as a universal tv remote. Obviously I don't deserve such a good friend.

The ants are already busy tunneling away, though they didn't take advantage of any of the holes I poked, but instead are excavating the entirety of one end of the gel, which is fine I suppose, but probably won't end up looking as cool as having all the snaky tunnels criss-crossing the gel. I haven't tried one of the mana potions yet, but I'll let you know when I do. I wonder if they're better cold, though based on the size I imagine that you're just supposed to "shoot" them.

The D&D experience started yesterday (it used to be called Winter Fantasy) and the big news is that they're running demos of 4E all through the convention. So far lots of information has been posted, too much for me to keep up with, and, the primary non-official D&D info site, appears to be dying under the load. For those that are curious here's a web gallery (not hosted on ENWorld) with pictures of all the pre-generated 1st level characters, in addition the "4E cheat sheet" is included in the gallery as well.

Sometimes a road less travelled is less travelled for a reason


Anonymous Ed said...

I don't think "violate certain of my religious tenants" is quite the right phrase. ;)

Seeing a halfling paladin is a little odd for an old-old player like me.

9:23 PM  

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