Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday Blog

Many people in my family write letters on Sunday, so it seems like a really good day to sit down and record what happened for the last week, except that I blog every day, so there's really not much left to say by the time Sunday rolls around. Mostly Sunday consists of me gathering my strength so that I can be ready for another week. Of course there's always church, and my weekly Sunday School lesson. In between the Married Student Ward and my current ward I think I've probably been teaching for around 7 years. My wife was just asking if I was tired of that calling. I think not having any calling might be preferable, but I can't think of an actual calling that I would prefer to this one.

As usual I fell asleep during Sacrament Meeting. I can only plead that I've actually been sick the last couple of days which has largely kept me from sleeping well. So in between trying to sleep in this morning, preparing my lesson and sleeping through most of sacrament meeting that's pretty much my Sunday. I'm tying to think of something interesting but I'm drawing a blank. Perhaps next week I'll set aside some of my better stories and save them for Sunday's edition.

No rest for the wicked


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